Homate Stone Coated Roofing sheet

We are evergreen Roofing Company. We are established to Providing general supplies of building materials, Discounts and Nationwide delivery. Such as: Shingle Stone Coated Roofing Sheet, Bond Roofing Sheets, Romano Roofing sheets, and so on. We possess all this items in different colors and gauge with allowable and really affordable Costs. We import directly from New Zealand, and we are a certified company that provides quality Genuine stone-coated roofing tiles. ACCESSORIES: Barge Board Flashing Side Flashing Flat Sheet Fascia Flashing Valley Ridge Board Flashing Barrel Cap Angle Trim Tile Bender Tile Cutter Touch-Up Kit Other accessories can be made according to customer's requests. COLOR CHART 1. Charcoal 2. Dark Grey 3. Terracotta 4. Teak 5. Brick Red 6. Coffee Brown 7. Jade 8. Capri Blue 9. Desert Brown 10. Forest Green 11. Granite Black 12. Jasper Red 13. Mission Red 14. Sea Blue BENEFITS OF EVERGREEN STONE COATED ROOFING TILES: 1.) HIGH PERFORMANCE: Manufactured with the finest aluminum zinc alloy-coated steel covered with Italian ceramic-coated stone granules, evergreen roofing series offer a texture, style and longevity not found in traditional metal roofing products. 2.) LIGHT WEIGHT: At just 1.4 lbs./sq.ft. (6.85kg/m2) eight times lighter than clay and concrete tiles, and a half of the average composition of wood shake. 3.) WIND RESISTANCE: Interlocking panel system offers extraordinary resistance to wind uplift. it withstands 145mph (64m/s). 4.) FIRE RESISTANCE: evergreen panels are non-combustible and safe from exposure to airborne burning cinders. (Certified Nonflammable by New Zealand Government). 5.) LOW LIFE CYCLE COST: No split, break, crack or wrap. It does not absorb water either. Stone granules provide an excellent protection against prolonged exposure to the sun or rain. 6.) ATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE: Appearance for evergreen roofing has the premium presentation to satisfy the most discriminating homeowners, call to day today to place your orders.

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Excellent stone coated roofing sheet with warranty in ajah

Our permium stone coated roofing sheet is durable long lasting elegance and good roofing sheet look now where alse like mango roofing sheet we are expert in this field of business that is why we are certify by our customers wide and large to be the in this area of business, our roofing material cut across various range of quality house roofing need the formulation that put together this material into one single ideal roofing sheet is the best in town, our product range cut across various product like bond classic shingle milano Roman and couple with accessories and put finishing touches to your housing need, now talking of the formulation that brought out the finest quality in this material, milano is welly selected and blended to bring out the best quality from this material, the lngredients used in this material formulation has been measured up to classic, this material has the bring in serenity and coolness to your home this ingredients highly mixed with high quality texture will impact the upper layer and in returned will now transmit it to the middle layer and at the end bottom layer and will now generate coolness inside your home and permit me not to go any further, with other product and astounding qualities, we also carryout water connector installation at your own conveniece, our installer are ever ready to put finish touches to your installation need and to carryout installation for you, why not give us a call today.

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Amazing stone coated roofing sheet with 50yrs warranty

The best quality roof in town have finally come to stay be it in best in quality we got you cover be it standard and durability will get you cover, talking of the best above all quality we get you cover. then why go extra far to look for what you want. when you come to as and get everything you want under one roof. fabcom stone coated roofing company have been in business for so many year and we have sacrifice alot to put of that name that is why our roof is second to none we deal in various aspect of roofing need and couple with their accessories like, bond classic, shingle, milano, roman, woodshake and various bond of accessories. and our installer are ever ready are ever ready to put finsh touches to installation need. why not make the move today, we are just a phone away and you will be glad you did.

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Imported newzealand bond and classic stone coated roofing sheet

Have you heard about imported newzealand stone coated roofing sheet, if not, ask your self this question where is the best roofing sheet, and where can you get the prices very affordeble, our product range from bond classic Milano roman shingle if you are looking for original stone coated roofing sheet that will remained the excptional beauty of slate tile or cedar shake but without premium cast, a stone coated steel roof sheet that may meet your needs for just a fraction of the cost, you can have a beautiful long lasting roofing system that will provide a superior protection of your home. a stone coated roofing sheet that is designed to protect your home even in times of major calamities such as hail fire and eathquake because the roof is made of steel, it is none combustible and will not catch on fire. all our product have long life span, we have all colours of stone coated roofing sheet we sale our product with 50years warranty. give us a call today and you be glad you did.

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